Settlements and Verdicts of Interest

The team at Murphy Peluso has been successful in a variety of cases, big and small. Read more about some of the jury verdicts and settlements that have been achieved by Mr. Peluso and Mr. Murphy.

$3 Million Verdict

Jury verdict for a police officer who suffered permanent eye damage in a fitness club accident.

$4.5 Million Structured Settlement

$4.5 Million structured settlement for child whose hand was severed when she wandered into the kitchen of a local restaurant.

$600,000 Verdict

Jury verdict for a 20-year-old university student who was involved in a rear-end hit auto accident and who sustained a herniated lumbar disc. Plaintiff had conservative treatment only and refused invasive treatment due to her age.

$600,000 Settlement

Settlement for a tractor-trailer driver who was rear-ended by another truck and sustained a back injury requiring surgery.

$500,000 Settlement

Settlement for a truck driver involved in a single-vehicle accident when his truck rolled over in a turn on the Turnpike. Plaintiff alleged rollover was caused by improper loading of the trailer as well as mechanical defect with the chassis. Driver’s arm was amputated when he was ejected from his vehicle.

$405,000 Settlement

Settlement for a construction worker who suffered a traumatic brain injury when he was caused to fall down due to improperly maintained construction site.

$60,000 Verdict

Jury verdict for teen hockey player who suffered facial lacerations when a USA hockey referee improperly grabbed him by the face mask from behind while breaking up a fight.

$650,000 Settlement

Settlement for customer of a bakery who was injured when she stepped off an unmarked ramp in the bakery causing her to fall. Plaintiff sustained a laceration to her head and also suffered a herniated cervical disc which required surgery.

Six Figure Settlement

Settlement for an airline passenger burned on an airplane during beverage service.

$490,000 Settlement

Settlement for Plaintiff who slipped and fell as a result of soap on floor of bathroom in office building. Plaintiff sustained cervical disc herniation which required surgery. Soap dispenser had become dislodged and spilled soap on floor.

$495,000 Settlement

Settlement for estate of Plaintiff pedestrian who was struck and killed by a truck exiting a commercial truck lot.

$1,000,000 Settlement

Settlement for Plaintiff whose vehicle was struck by an intoxicated driver. Case was brought against driver of other vehicle as well as establishments that had served him alcohol. Plaintiff suffered multiple injuries including a compound fracture of her leg.

$475,000 Settlement – Medical Malpractice

Settlement for infant child overdosed on Lidocaine during suturing at hospital.

$900,000 Settlement

Settlement for client involved in an automobile accident who suffered a low back injury and underwent lumbar fusion.

$700,000 Settlement

Settlement for truck driver involved in an accident caused by a wrong way driver. Plaintiff sustained neck injury and required surgery.

$245,000 Settlement – Medical Malpractice

Settlement for patient for improperly positioned and cemented stem during hip surgery.

$650,000 Settlement

Settlement for passenger of a vehicle involved in a crash. Plaintiff suffered a low back injury involving a lumbar extruded disc which required L5 laminectomy surgery.

$175,000 Jury Verdict

Jury verdict for driver who sustained cervical disc herniations. Plaintiff only received conservative treatment and refused injections or surgery.

$235,000 Jury Verdict

Jury verdict for snow plow driver who was assaulted at a job.

$65,000 Jury Verdict

Jury verdict for driver who sustained cervical and lumbar disc herniations with conservative treatment only.

$425,000 Settlement

Settlement for a passenger in a motor vehicle which was T-boned on a Hudson County highway. Plaintiff sustained a low back injury and underwent an L4-5 fusion surgery.

$612,500 Settlement

Settlement for pedestrian struck by a van who suffered a head injury which required surgery to relieve swelling on the brain.

$215,000 Settlement

Settlement for a pedestrian who tripped and fell on a residential sidewalk due to a raised sidewalk slab. Plaintiff sustained facial fractures requiring surgery as a result of the fall.


High-Profile Criminal Cases

High-profile criminal cases in New Jersey and Eastern and Southern District, NY ranging from Traffic Violations, DUI, Federal Corruption, Drug Trafficking Cases where arrests took place in Columbia and parties were extradited to Southern District of New York for trial.

Overturned Conviction

Mr. Murphy successfully overturned a client’s 20-year kidnapping conviction on appeal. The client was represented at trial by another attorney. Mr. Murphy was retained to file an appeal of the conviction for 1st-degree kidnapping. The appellate division agreed with Mr. Murphy’s arguments and found his client not guilty of the 1st-degree charge. Mr. Murphy also successfully represented the defendant at his resentencing and ultimately reduced the client’s sentence by 12 years.